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Serving Portage County

from Plover, Wisconsin

Divine Point Acupuncture
Jessica Lobner, L.Ac

Serving Portage County from Plover, Wisconsin.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice that involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points along strategic paths or meridians of the body.  This helps to unblock and re-balance Qi (life-force energy) to restore normal function.

An Ancient Powerful Therapy

With over 3,000 years in practice, ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine offers proven, recognized treatment for many human ailments.  Used independently or as a complementary treatment to Western medicine, acupuncture and its related modalities can give you relief from disorders that have been so elusive for years.

We specialize in chronic disorders, mental health, and pain, treating conditions by employing root-cause medicine.  If you’re experiencing continuous or recurring symptoms from a disease or other condition, we can help relieve or even eradicate the ailment.  Find out for yourself what Divine Point Acupuncture can do for you.

Why Visit Us?

We have exactly one goal at Divine Point Acupuncture, and that is to help you create a pain-free life.  Every aspect of what you do depends on how you feel, so it stands to reason that you want to be feeling your best.  It’s all we think about, every day, all day.
chronic pain

Chronic Afflictions

At Divine Point Acupuncture, we specialize in treating chronic ailments and conditions that seem to defy other treatment methods.  We practice root-cause medicine to get at the source of the affliction to bring relief or eradicate the condition.
Mental Health Issues

Mental Health

Oftentimes, emotional and mental conditions can manifest as physical ailments.  Our holistic approach allows us to uncover and discover “hidden” root-cause afflictions and then deal with those causes directly and effectively.
All Ages Acupuncture

Support for All Ages

Pain and ailments do not discriminate on age.  At Divine Point Acupuncture, we understand age-specific acupuncture modalities and can provide you or your loved one with a treatment that is perfect not only for their specific ailment, but also for their age.
Multi Modality Acupuncture

Overlapping Modalities

Jess has extensive training and certifications in the healing arts, including Massage, Reiki, Myofascial Release, Intuitive Therapies, Nutrition and Acupuncture.  She does not limit a session to just needles, but calls on her other skills to effect the best possible outcome.
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Our Intake Process


New Patient Visit

At our first session, we will explore your health history extensively to uncover the root causes of your concerns.  During this 90-minute session, we will examine all aspects of your well-being and you will receive an initial acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture Treatment

Treatment Plan

On your next visit, we will go over your personalized treatment plan, which will cover acupuncture treatments, nutrition, herbal medicine, and other supplements to support your health.  You will also receive an acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture Treatment

Ongoing Treatments

Together we will set up your treatment plan and a schedule for your sessions.  We will constantly monitor and assess your progress and make changes to the plan as your conditions improve and your health profile begins to change.

Acupuncture Assessment

Assessment & Revisit

With each session, we will assess your progress and make course corrections to the treatment plan as necessary.  When you are satisfied that you have reached your goals, regular treatment stops and you will move into a maintenance status.

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